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A training & behaviour crash course for those who

Give yourself the gift of knowledge. By completing this program you will be better prepared to introduce a rescue dog into your home. Plan for success and help your rescue dog overcome the traumas and stresses of their past.
  • Learn how to properly introduce your new rescue dog into your home from day one
  • Get unlimited access to multiple assessment and profiling tools
  • Identify your own strengths and weakness as a handler and dog care provider
  • Discover how to establish balanced household rules and supportive dynamics
  • Explore a variety of training games and activities
The program content is aimed to teach students the formula to rehabilitate and appropriately transition rescue dogs into new homes. Whether you are an official or 'unofficial' dog rescuer, this program will provide you will valuable information on how to help each dog become the best versions of themselves from assessment to household dynamics and beyond.

This program includes over 20 handout pages and mini-lectures compartmentalized for each section and topic.

Registrants can work through the program at their own pace. The course can be revisited at any time and unlimited downloadable handouts are available. The total duration of the course is approximately 3.5 hours.

An excellent training option for rescue organizations who want to set themselves ahead as a leader in education & rehabilitation.

Set everyone up for success! By providing fosters and adopter with the FULL picture prior to introducing a dog into their homes, you will be setting everyone up for success and providing reasonable expectations.

This program can be used as an on-going resource for fosters and adopters. With unlimited access to assessment and profiling tools for both the handler and dog, the rescue will only need to register a foster or adopter once for lifetime access. Rescues will find that our program helps to establish continuity in protocols and procedures and improves communication by presenting a uniformed language throughout the entire organization. Foster and Adoption co-ordinators with have the ability to easily support their families by referring them to trusted and familiar materials.

This course is a must-have for all foster and rescue coordinators.