Canine Inclusion & Resolution Course

Canine Inclusion & Resolution Course

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Fear, Frustration, Embarrassment, Guilt, Obligation, Stress....

Are these emotions driving your relationship with your dog?

If so, you are not alone.

Learn the skills you need to implement a forever change in your life and your relationship with your dog.

We don't always end up with the dog we envisioned. It's not always how it appears in the movies. Are you trying to put a square peg in a round hole? Relationships take work, acceptance and understanding. Trying to make your dog something they are not will not fix the problem, but working with your dog to help him become the best version of himself will not only reduce stress, but will allow for a conflict-free life of inclusion and resolution.

The better equipped your toolbox is, the more efficient you can

be and the easier your role as dog owner becomes. Certain skills will

come naturally and others will require a conscious effort. The first

step is to become aware of the skills you are using naturally and build

on the ones which are more difficult to access.

This 6 part program will provide you with the insight and skills you need to change the direction of your life with your dog from stressful to cohesive. Many people struggle to understand what drives their dog's 'inappropriate' or 'undesirable' behaviour. Reacting emotionally to your dog’s behaviour can change the context of what you are attempting to communicate, Knowledge is powerful and understanding builds unity.

Join our coaches as they guide you through this comprehensive seminar including multiple demonstrations and downloadable handouts.

Learn how to assess who your dog truly is, what drives their behaviour and how to lead with confidence and compassion.

  • Part 1: Individual Canine- Identify Skill & Characteristics
  • Part 2: Leadership Skills
  • Part 3: Building a Pack- Establishing Balance
  • Part 4: Motives & Threshold
  • Part 5: Handling Skills- Live demonstrations
  • Part 6: Problem Resolution Options