Recommended by Dog Expert Jessica O'Neill

As a Canine Behavior Professional AND a life-long animal owner and lover, below are lists of my personal and professional product and book recommendations.  If the product is listed here below, I have either used it, would use it or know someone who’s used it (essentially first-hand or trusted word of mouth;). Any book you see here is one I own, have read, or want to read. If you see some thing here that you’ve had a bad experience with please let me know. Most of these links are for Amazon with preference given to vendors with prime. I’m a big supporter of local businesses so if you choose not to shop through and know where you can find these products locally please do so.

Any book you see here is one I own, have read, or want to read. If you see some thing here that you’ve had a bad experience with please let me know. Most of these links are for Amazon with preference given to vendors with prime. I’m a big supporter of local businesses so if you choose not to shop through and know where you can find these products locally please do so.

As with any type of recommendation, following is my disclaimer… Please make educated purchasing decisions for you and your dog. If you’re not sure if the recommended product is a good choice, please connect with your coach or another trusted canine professional.


Chewmasters Beef Liver Bites

These are the ones I typically have with me on consults and sessions. They are fairly inexpensive comparatively. I usually get mine at Costco, but they sell them on Amazon as well and you can get quick delivery. (single ingredient- beef liver- can be  broken into little pieces are into dust as a food topper)

100% Sardines Dehydrated Dog Treat

For dog's with allergies, Freezes dried sardines are commonly a safe bet. Not all dog's love them, so start with one bag and try it first.  (single ingredient- 100% sardines- good choice for dogs with allergies) 

Freeze Dried Chicken or Lamb

More expensive than the beef liver, but a nice change from beef if your dog is getting bored or having a reaction to beef. (100% chicken or lamb- single ingredient- easy to break- can be used as a food topper)


KONG Classic Pack of 2 

Always have one stuffed and ready in the freezer. Kings are a staple in any dog owner toolkit. Checkout Pinterest for cool ideas on what to stuff them with. (food delivery toy- easy way to supplement diet- great distraction- dogs will lick out the ingredients- can be used unsupervised)

Faux Antler Made with Real Wood 

Great for a before bed chewing activity or for times when your dog needs a chew release without the complications of a high value food object. (alternative to real bones- lasts a long time- low value chew)

 KONG Wobbler™ Treat Dispensing 

My go-to food dispensing toy. Comes in multiple sizes, make sure to get one that's the correct size for your dog. Just fill with your dog's kibble and a few liver treats for bonus prizes. (interactive, thinking toy- food dispensing- can be used unsupervised- alternative to bowl feeding)

Bully Sticks 

These are SUPER HIGH value chewing objects. They are fairly pricy but are a must-have tool to have indoor toolbox for times when you really need your dog to ignore something difficult and self-sooth. Some are very stinky and are ideally given in a crate on tethered on an old sheet. (have nutritional value-high value to the dog-should be consumed supervised as first)

Yak Cheese Bricks

High value chew article for average chewers. All natural, chemical free, grain free, gluten free and safe for most dogs with lactose intolerance and sensitive stomachs. Average chewer usually take several hours if not days to fully devour it. (has nutritional value- can be completely consumed- high value for dogs)

Benebone Fishbone Chew &

Benebone Dental Durable Dog Chew


Excellent non-edible chew article. Durable and inexpensive. Lasts a long time and will give your dog something to do with their mouths. (I provide this one when we are in the car, before bed during the day when I'm working- can be given unsupervised)

Licking Mat

Good option for times of boredom or to be used as an anxiety reduction tool. An easy alternative to puzzle bowls or snuffle mat. (I use this for grooming sessions. Nail clipping for bath time it comes in handy)


Floating Fetch Toy 

Great water toys for chasers and tuggers! (interactive toy- needs you to be involved- great energy draining game)

Jolly Ball

Excellent toy for dogs who love to tug and chase. Durable material, this thing lasts forever! Can use used outside year round. I have one of these that has been kicking around for 20 years! Every now and then my dogs get into it again. (great for multi-dog games- can be enjoyed independently- very durable)

Flirt Pole 


This is an activity that can be a massive amount of fun for the right type of dog. You need a large yard or open area to play this game. NOT A MULTI-DOG activity. This activity can really excite your dog and should be played in a controlled way, away from other dogs and people. (great energy drainer- super fun collaborative activity- for dogs who love to chase)

Large Puzzel Bowls 

Small Puzzel Bowls

Never feed from a boring bowl again. I recommend feeding your dog through games and training, but if you need to feed from a bowl, make it a puzzle bowl (excellent passive mental game- can be used independently without supervision)

Snuffle Mats

A great way to keep your dog occupied using their nose! Not an option for destructive dogs.  (gets your dog using their nose- should be supervised- great option for feeding meals)


Tuffy Polly Pig

Good old polly pig has been kicking around for years even survived my most destructive dissectors. Polly is a little less 'full' but still kicking it! 

Fire Hose Dog Toy

Squeaky Ball

Stuff-less Toy For Water bottles

Use your recycling to keep this toy alive over and over again! Depending on how intense your dog is with the sleeve, you may need to replace this often. 


Super Wide Gate and Exercise Pen

Folding Metal Dog Crate

Plastic Travel Crate


Soft Cone for After Surgery

I ordered this for my little guy 'Basil' after his neuter. Love it! I hate the plastic cones. Highly recommend inventing in this one.


JWalker Dog Harness 

The only no-pull walking device I recommend. Patented, side-attachment to redirect movement when the dog pulls! Psst... I invented it;) (must have urban or sub-urban walking harness)

JWalker Utility Belt

In most cases I recommend clients get a hands-free waist leash called a utility belt. JWalker's belt has multiple features. It is adjustable in leash length, can be used as a regular leash, has a safety unclip feature and can be used as a longline. (learn to lead your dog using your body- should not be used with back attachment harness)

Adventuring Harness (back attachment, not for structured walks)

When you and your dog are on the go hanging with friends, exploring the outdoors and adventuring, I recommend a comfortable, structured, back attachment harness. This is the one I have on my dogs for adventure times.  (not for training or proper walks- great adventuring gear-comfortable for your dog to move in)

12' Long Line for Training & Adventuring

A must have items. Provides you a length you can control with really soft easy to handle webbing. (This is the product I use regularly for training)

32' Waterproof Long-Line

A great option for recall training, drag line in off-leash areas or a temporary tie-out. 

Dog Treat Pouch Bag with Magnetic Closure 

You NEED a treat pouch! This one has been a fav pick of my clients as it has two pockets, one for high value and one for low value treats. You can attach it to your JWalker Utility Belt or wear it like a bag.  (zip pockets for your stuff- holds poop bags- waterproof- two areas for kibbles and treats)

Dog Carrying Backpack 

Seems ridiculous at first, but this can have many really great applications.


Reference Books (pick it up if you need to know something specific)

Doggie Language: A Dog Lover's Guide to Understanding Your Best Friend 

Canine Body Language - A Photographic Guide

Reading Books (for those of you who want to learn more about dogs and get deep into it)

Canine Communication: The Language of a Species 

Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know 

Dog Language - An Encyclopedia of Canine Behavior 

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals

The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs

Don't Shoot the Dog

Culture Clash: A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding the Relationship Between Humans and Domestic Dogs

Not Specifically About Dogs (there's lots you can learn that can relate in some way to your understanding of dogs)

The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog: And Other Stories from a Child Psychiatrist's Notebook -- What Traumatized Children Can Teach Us About Loss, Love, and Healing


Despite it's title, this book is not about dogs. It is a fantastic read about child psychology and trauma and there are many parallels to the dog world.