Your Canine Behaviour Team. 

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Jeff Jodoin (BCom/BSocSc)

Entrepreneur by day (and night sometimes), daddy to a princess and best buddy to his golden retriever and partner in business, Rosco.

Having grown up with family dogs all his life, it was a no brainer to get his very own dog once his University studies were completed. Excited anticipation soon turned to the helplessness that accompanies having a dog with severe separation anxiety. The journey to recovery for this dog lead Jeff to understand the role humans can play in helping their dogs feel safe. He began helping others with their dog’s separation anxiety, crate acclimation and general obedience. It started as a side project, but planted a seed that continued to grow and develop as he began a career in the public service.

At the age of 36, Jeff turned his love and passion for dogs into his second career. He left his permanent position in the Federal Government to pursue his two childhood passions: 1. become an entrepreneur and 2. work with dogs.

In 2012, Barking Up Trees was born and the canines of Orleans, Ontario started enjoying their very own premier pack walking and puppy visit service. To date he has walked over 5,000 kms with over 100 different dogs! That’s a lot of dog time, and it’s also the mainstay of his knowledge base. He has grown to become an avid dog handler by connecting with each dog and is determined to helping dogs succeed in having an enriching life.

He has used this experience to offer private in-home training to help people better understand their dogs and in turn improve their canine-human relationship.

He is a member of the Ottawa Dog Walkers Network, Associate Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers, occasional volunteer for the Ottawa and Valley Lost Pet Network (12 dogs safely returned home to date) and volunteer editor for the CAPPDT Member Newsletter. Proud supporter of Ottawa’s Interval House, The Ottawa Humane Society and local rescues. Annual volunteer presenter for the City of Ottawa Vet Camp for Kids.

Jeff is excited to enter Pet Intel’s apprenticeship program. He is eager to apply his new knowledge and experience in order to help even more dogs live fulfilling lives.