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Our Philosophy

Pet Intel. offers a team of dedicated coaches who believe in helping clients to become experts of their own dogs. We provide clients with individual advice and support as they strengthen their bond and understanding of their animal. Our philosophy and methodology is based on scientific principles and a true belief in and respect for animal emotion.

Our Coaches are constantly striving to meet new intellectual changes and goals and to stay current with education and industry science. Below are some of the organizations our Coaches are Members of and participate with.

Reliable Recall Mini-Workshop


This worship includes numerous recall games and training activities to teach your dog how to have a reliable recall. Work through the program at your own pace. Each activity includes a downloadable handout and a corresponding tutorial video.


What We Offer

Pet Intel. offers an extensive array of services. We focus on education and individualized support for our clients while they learn how to work collaboratively with their canine counterparts. Below you will find descriptions of our most popular services. We have proudly collaborated with Chien ZEN Dog to bring bilingual services to our clients as well as NEW comprehensive packaged programs.

We also offer the following additional services (not outlined on our page): Private Behaviour Boarding, Forensic Canine Behaviour, Assessments & Reports (Expert Witness in the Ontario Provincial Court), Written Articles & Media Contributions, Canine Assisted Therapy and Breeder Puppy Assessments.

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New Programs!

  • Puppy Blueprint Course
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  • Peace, Love, Kids & Dogs: Family Dog Program
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  • Thriving Teen Program
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Observe, Assess, Plan & Implement 

In-Person & Virtual Options

Mandatory for new clients.

-A complete look at all four areas of conflict for the complete household dynamic.
-Assessment of individual behaviours of concern.
-Strategic development of a problem resolution plan.
-Demonstration of specific exercise and techniques.

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Fine Tune, Elaborate, Expand

In-Person & Virtual Options

For Clients who have already completed a consultation.

-Focus on specific training tasks
-Continues progress from initial consult
-Service dog training sessions
-Dog-Dog introductions
-Therapy work
Can be done in any required environment. 

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Packaged Training Programs

Hybrid (Virtual & In-Person) Training Packages

Our educational programs combine private, group and online learning to provide you as many opportunities possible to learn! 

Ready to turn the picture of the perfect dog into a reality? We have ALL the tools and support you’ll need to make it happen.

Each program provides the you with appropriate interactive exercises and games required to be sucessful. Find the program the best suites you and your goals.

Keep watching for new programs coming this May 2022!

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Community Presentations & Courses

Presentations and Courses for Schools, Events and Private Groups

Virtaual & In-Person Options Available

Learning is life! We love to share knowlege and aquire it and so do our dogs!

At Pet Intel. we are dedicated to helping not only this generation, but the generations to come to develop a better understanding of man's best friend.

We offer a variety on online courses and provide various workshops and seminars throughout the year available to the public. We are also happy to design private individual seminars and workshops. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we'll provide an estimate. 

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Product & Book Recommendations

Our Coaches share their top picks for training treats, chew articles, toys, gates, enrichment activities, handling gear, books & MORE! Get direct links to curated product & book picks and good prices!



Meet the Team

Coach Nicole

Nicole Lapratte-Patry CBCC-KA, has earned her “Canine Behaviour Consultant” certification through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers® (CCPDT®). Nicole has joined more than 160 CBCC-KA certificants worldwide.

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Coach Jessica

Jessica Eden O'Neill, Dip. CBST has a Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science & Technology and has been working as a professional Canine Behaviour Consultant for 15 years.She is the Onwer of both Pet Intel. & JWalker Dog.

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Coach Nat

Nat Zeldin is a Canine Nutrition Expert, Product Specialist and Canine Behaviour Coach. She is the Owner of Cricket & Company.

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"Jessica and her associates are very professional yet caring with dogs. Their techniques for an assessment are well thought out and explained and employ current technology effectively (e.g. video recording canine interactions including vocal explanations of their behaviour). Jessica also offers advice and allows for follow-up questions subsequent to her visit."

James Anderson Lawyers

"I must say a BIG "Thank You" to dog trainer Jessica O'Neill. She's the best dog and Service Dog Trainer. I wouldn't be telling our story, if it wasn't for her training skills, dedication, patience and working with Jojo."

Sophie and her Mom's Service Dog Jojo

"Jessica has an exceptional, natural connection with dogs. She handles high-energy environments (ie. a lot of dogs at once) with ease and calm. She has an excellent rapport with dog owners and gives patient and persistent guidance to owners. She always exudes a strong, confident presence."

Jodie & George and their dog Baxter

“Jessica is funny, laid back but professional. Very direct in terms of instruction and clear and concise. Always willing to elaborate and super patient. One of the things that makes her so great is that she can relate to animals and to people so well...and she LOVES my dog even though he is so difficult"

Amber & Simon and their Great Dane, Jay

"Jessica has been a major support in our lives after we adopted 2 puppy mill dogs. She and her family are the only people we feel comfortable leaving our much troubled boston terrier when we go away. She has helped us be better pet owners and allowed us to love a dog with severe behaviour issues. Both our dogs have received wonderful training from Jessica and we never worry leaving them with her when they stay with her. Her family is like a 2nd home for them. They love being part of her pack. Thanks Jessica for all that you have done for us and the boys."

Kait & Robert with Korkie & Dudley