Your Canine Behaviour Team. 

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About Our Team

Pet Intel. offers a team of dedicated coaches who believe in helping clients to become experts of their own dogs. We provide clients with individual advice and support as they strengthen their bond and understanding of their animal.  Our philosophy and methodology is based on scientific principals and a true belief of and respect for animal emotion.  

Our Coaches are constantly striving to meet new intellectual changes and goals and to stay current with education and industry science. Below are some of the organizations our Coaches are Members of and participate with.


Jessica O'Neill

Jessica has a Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science & Technology and has been working as a professional Canine Behaviour Consultant for 10 years. She's a mother of 4 and a nurturer of many. She has developed a strong philosophy in her business operation with the main principals being - REAL, BALANCED, SMART, which is the way she attempts to operate in all aspects of her life.

Jessica believes in establishing harmony and balance using the path of least resistance with a focus on strengthening the human/animal bond. She takes a unique approach to behaviour modification and training by translating canine language in to understandable human terms. She uses individual real life situations to create and implement behaviour change programs that are obtainable for the average dog owner.

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Nicole Lapratte-Patry

Nicole has been a French as a Second Language educator for the last 23years at Kanata Montessori School. Teaching, sharing and learning has been her way of life since her early school years when she accompanied her maternal grandmother, a teacher, to school in the morning. Nicole loved those days where she was allowed to pretend that she was teaching and sharing. Learning about and interacting with animals has been, and still is, a lifelong quest. Whether the animals are large or small, animals on land, animals in water, animals that fly, domesticated as well as wild animals, Nicole has interest, passion, compassion, admiration and respect for all animals. 

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Taylor Jess

Taylor joined our team in more than one way. She is now the Live-In Canine Attendant at our sister company, The Canine Habitat. She lives in Perth at this one-of-a-kind loading home for dogs. She bring many previous skills with her to this apprenticeship. As a long-time dog lover and animal advocate and the former kennel manager at Guide Dogs for the Blind, Taylor continues to impress us with her skills and devotion. 

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Nat Zeldin

Nat is a long time dog lover and no stranger to the pet industry. She started her journey as a young teenager in her first pet-related job where she found herself caring for a pack of sled dogs. From here, she expanded her dog knowledge by focusing on nutrition and creating her own line of raw dog food. She now owns and operates a pet store downtown Ottawa with her long-time friend. We are pleased as punch to welcome Nat to our team. 

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